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Services and Purposes

  1. The purpose of the association is to expand the theoretical professional knowledge of students participating in technical higher education with practical experience by involving them in domestic and international non-profit scientific projects and student competitions, thereby improving their professional preparation, their labor market situation and the quality of technical higher education.
  2. The primary goal of the association is to support the participation of students participating in the worldwide student competitions within the SZEnergy and other student projects of Széchenyi István University, and for this purpose to cooperate with the university in establishing a creative professional workshop. In addition, in order to achieve the goals of the association, it performs the following tasks:
  3. During the activities described in point 2, the Association is in constant consultation with the Department of Road and Railway Vehicles.
  4. It can carry out entrepreneurial activity or participate in a business in order to fulfill its basic public benefit goals and tasks as efficiently and to a higher standard as possible, i.e. the result of the entrepreneurial activity is returned to its basic goals according to the basic principles of non-profit operation.
  5. Business activities carried out by the Association:
    • 71.12’08: Engineering activities, technical consulting
    • 71.20’08: Technical examination, analysis
    • 72.19’08: Other scientific and technical research and development
    • 73.11’08: Advertising agency activity
    • 73.12’08: Media advertisement
    • 73.20’08: Market and public research
    • 85.60’08: Activities supplementing education
    • 94.12’08: Professional advocacy
  6. In addition to its members, others also benefit from its public benefit services and the results of its activities, according to the types of services, as determined by the presidency from time to time.
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