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SZEnergy team develops
the most energy-efficient city car in the world! 

Meet Us at our upcoming events !

Junior Jet-ski VB

Győrzámoly Beach
19-21. 07. 2024.

Fresher’s week

Győr, Széchenyi István University
28. 08. 2024

II. Győr Rally

06. 09. 2024.

About the SZEnergy Team…

The SZEnergy team operating at the Széchenyi István University is a student competition team working under the mentorship of instructors and researchers. Our main activity is the design and development of electric vehicles. Our newest racing car, the SZEmission, has set a new world record three times in a row in the last three years in the world’s largest energy efficiency competition, the Shell Eco-marathon, ahead of famous foreign universities such as the Technical University of Toulouse and Munich. We improved our team’s record with an efficiency of 284 km/kWh in 2022, 291 km/kWh in 2023, and 309 km/kWh in 2024. Our students work in coordination in four different departments in order to be able to present their latest developments at the Shell Eco-marathon every year. Students of the university can join any of the departments of mechanical engineering, electronics, autonomous vehicles, and marketing and management according to their professional skills.

The entire SZEnergy Team
Photo: Máté Dudás

Our latest racing car 

Our newest racing car, the SZEmission, was built in 2019, and we have been developing it continuously since then. In the 2022 season, we achieved a world record with the SZEmission, which we improved further not only in 2023 but in 2024 as well. This is due to several factors: Thanks to the modified drop shape, it has a drag/ air resistance  of 0.1, which is a relevant reduction compared to passenger cars. In addition to air resistance, we also make a great effort on weight reduction: the vehicle has a self-supporting carbon body, so its current weight is 95 kg. In SZEmission, we use LiPo 350 – 530 Wh batteries, and it is powered by a PMS motor with a toothed belt transmission. 

Testing the SZEmission on ZalaZONE 
Photo: Máté Dudás