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About SZEnergy team...


Our goal

In the SZEnergy team, we consider the development of students to be our mission. In addition to university classes, we provide professional experience to all our team members and provide them with the mentoring necessary for development. The SZEnergy team is an investment in the future for both companies and students, as many of our talented team members will later work for our partner companies.

Our story

Since 2005, under the mentorship of instructors and researchers from the Department of Road and Railway Vehicles and the Automotive Research Center, we have built numerous electric-powered racing cars. At first, solar panels provided the electrical energy, and later the team developed and built battery-operated, purely electric cars. Our cars have already proven the results of the team's research and development, both nationally and internationally. Every year since 2008, we have participated in the world's largest energy efficiency competition, the Shell Eco-marathon. Our team operates as a section of the Jedlik Ányos College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The operation of our team is supported by the Student Public Benefit Association for the Development of Alternative Transportation.

Our competition

The Shell Eco-marathon is an energy efficiency competition that has been held for more than 30 years. In the competition, students compete with their own designed and built racing cars to see who can cover the greatest possible distance with a unit of energy. At the Shell Ecomarathon, teams can start in 3 energy classes: pure electric, hydrogen and internal combustion propulsion. Within this, they can enter in the prototype and small city car categories. Our team is participating in the international competition in the category of small electric city car.

Gépátvétel a 2022-es Shell Eco-marathon-on



Department of mechanical engineering

In order to comply with the unconventional competition regulations, we design many unique components. These elements are placed in a simulation environment and then manufactured using additive technologies.

Construction design tasks
Structure optimisation
Engineering project management
3D printing
Mechanical assembly

Department of electronics

In our electronics department, we develop our vehicle's own electronic system, as well as develop our own designed printed circuits, for which we produce both the hardware and software parts within the team.

Electronics systems development
Embedded system programming
Vehicle informatics systems development
Electronic circuit design

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Önvezető rendszer távirányítású tesztelése

 Department of autonomous vehicles

In our self-driving vehicle development department, we deal with the development of artificial intelligence, where our team members work to build a self-driving car.

Artificial intelligence
Robot Operating System
Robotics, sensorics, signal processing
Control and planning algorithms, SLAM

Department of Marketing & Management

Social Media marketing and the compilation of the team's marketing plan are an integral part of our activity. From now on, our department handles the tasks related to the team's sponsorship and the organization of the team's events.

Operative marketing tasks
Organisation of events
PR management
Sponsorship management
Creation of media content
Graphic design

Marketing egyeztetések
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